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About PAND
Company History
HT Wang
HT Wang / Chairman
Chongqing University: Bachelor Peking University: MBA The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology: EMBA


1998-2014: BYD Group

Sponsor Shareholder of BYD, Founder of BYD LiB Company, Designer of BYD LiB Production Line Frame Structure, Founder of Communication LiB Backup Product.

2014-Now: LAPALA Asset Management CEO

2016-Now: Founder of PANDPOWER

WP Liu
WP Liu / Chief scientist
Chinese Academy of Sciences: Institute of Chemical Engineering and Metallurgy

1996-2018:The sponsor shareholder of BYD, one of the founders of BYD Li-ion battery, former CTO of BYD Li-ion battery and President of Li-ion battery Mechanism Research Institute. Established BYD Li-ion battery development route.

AP Luo
AP Luo / Director&Technical Advisor
Central South University: Ph.D.

1993.10-Now:Professor of Central South University, Professor of  Wuyi University, Doctoral supervisor of Xiangtan University

2002.6-Now:Fangyuan Environmental Protection CEO

Renewable energy storage products have entered markets such as Brazil, Africa, Australia and Vietnam, Southeast Asia. This year, we have obtained 1Mwh power storage application in Japan, 5Mwh applications in Netherlands, the United Kingdom in Europe. Also, China signed a framework agreement with Shenzhen Energy to launch strategic cooperation.
Cooperated with Bosch to develop battery maintenance instrument. Expansion of overseas markets: Expanded large-scale energy storage markets in the UK and Singapore, and signed strategic cooperation agreements with State Grid and China Southern Power Grid.
Obtained the investment of Fortune 500 ITOCHU Corporation, and was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. Renewable energy storage products enter the Japanese, Australian, and British markets.
Expand the production center and start cooperation with Shanghai Electric. Established a joint venture with Veolia, a well-known French environmental service company, to recycle used lithium batteries and extract useful elements for recycling.
Founded. Original from BYD battery experts, they are veterans in battery and equipment.
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