Pand&Energy Source, Jointly Cooperating With Aldo(One of the Largest Local PV Distributors), Aggressively and Extensively Promote the Recycled Battery in the Brazilian Market;

Energy Source, a Brazilian battery specialist, is currently providing energy storage services with reused and recycled batteries. Battery recycling and related metals recovery are conducted separately, without the burning of materials.

Brazil-based Energy Source is betting on two new business models to boost its revenue in 2021: storage services with reused batteries and the recycling of batteries that have already completed their second life cycles, including the recovery of metals such as cobalt.

Up until this year, Energy Source had mainly been selling its products through a partnership with Brazil's largest PV product distributor, Aldo Solar, which also sells and distributes reused batteries. The idea now is to expand the relationship with end customers, in order to sell the batteries but also to sell storage services, which could include battery replacement. So far, the company has traded 6.5 MWh of second-life batteries and 1.4 MWh of new batteries. The expectation is to reach 10 MWh per month, on average, from 2022.

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