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Shenzhen Pandpower Co., Ltd., a new energy company focusing on EV battery recycling and the next generation of renewable lithium batteries research and development, researches lithium battery industry chain, focusing on the recycling of electric vehicles decommissioned batteries, battery diagnosis and maintenance, as well as the next generation of recycled materials lithium battery technology exploration and research and development. The company has strong technical and research and development strength, research and development personnel accounted for more than 70%. PAND has adhered to the core concept of “low carbon environmental protection and recycling”, committed to the use of scarce metals such as cobalt, nickel, lithium and other materials in the next generation of recycled batteries since it was founded. Climate change is a global problem human facing, and in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, a series of policies to promote energy regeneration and low-carbon environmental protection are being implemented on a global scale, which coincides with PAND’s idea of ladder utilization and recycling. PAND will fulfill our mission to provide low-carbon and environmentally friendly one-stop renewable energy storage battery system solutions to all sectors of society with efforts, and work together to build a carbon-neutral and sustainable society, contributing to global greenhouse gas emission reduction.
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Pand pays attention to the recycling of resources and is committed to creating a clean, efficient and safe power battery recycling economy industrial chain. In China, we serve high-quality companies such as Shanghai Electric, State Grid, and China Tower. Overseas, we have established close ties with well-known companies such as ITOCHU, Zenobe, Social Energy, Gigawatt Solar and Bosch.
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