SGS Issued SGS TUV SAAR Functional Safety Approval Certificate for Pand Energy Storage Battery

  Recently, SGS, an internationally recognized inspection, appraisal, testing and certification organization, issued the SGS TUV SAAR functional safety approval certificate for the Powerfree 10kWh energy storage battery under Shenzhen Pandpower Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Pand). The acquisition of this certificate not only indicates that the battery BMS software development process, software architecture, module design, product safety function and reliability of this model of battery are in compliance with the high standards of various safety technical measures stipulated by IEC60730-1 Class B. Requirements, more effectively enhance the advantages of its battery products in terms of safety functions.

  In recent years, governments of various countries have successively introduced relevant support policies for the energy storage industry, the scale of investment in the energy storage market has continued to increase, the industrial chain layout has been continuously improved, and the global energy storage industry has entered a stage of rapid development. Relevant data shows that it is expected that by the end of 2020, the cumulative scale of China's energy storage market will reach 28.3GW. However, as the nominal voltage and capacity of energy storage batteries increase, the integration of the cells of the energy storage system is also getting higher and higher. However, the battery cell is prone to catastrophic accidents such as fire, liquid leakage and even explosion under abnormal working conditions and extreme working environments. For battery system manufacturers, it is necessary to fully consider the design of the reliability of the energy storage battery safety control system, and use safety design and test demonstrations to ensure that the battery cell or protection board effectively avoids catastrophic accidents after routine failures occur.

  Pand is committed to building a lithium battery recycling industry chain, and always adheres to the corporate vision and mission of "the healthy development of new energy vehicles and the contribution of the upcoming energy Internet". During this cooperation with SGS, the technical teams of the two parties cooperated closely. SGS conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the protection board safety control circuit software of the Plande battery management system, and finally made it successfully passed the German SGS TUV SAAR approval, highlighting the Plande’s in Cell and battery pack overvoltage protection, battery overcurrent protection, high and low temperature charge and discharge protection, etc. have reached the internationally recognized advanced level. In the future, SGS will rely on the advantages of global technology network and localized service, and continue to innovate to provide Plande with professional and efficient solutions to help companies enhance product competitiveness and smoothly enter the target market.

  As an internationally recognized third-party testing and certification organization, SGS has carried out functional safety services in energy storage systems, rail transit, industrial automation, road vehicles, consumer electronics, process industry, nuclear power, medical and other fields, and is committed to improving global chips and operating systems. And the safety of components. SGS relies on professional and efficient one-stop solutions to help enterprises improve the construction of safety system and product quality and safety, effectively reduce the occurrence of hazardous accidents, and promote the sustainable development of enterprises.