10 PV Predictions of 2022, PAND's Opportunity

It is expected that 2022 to be the first year in which new PV capacity exceeds 200GW, unless the actual total for that year exceeds this figure after media reports reveal the country's 2021 capacity figures.

PV module prices will fall back to 23 to 24 cents per watt in the second half of 2022.

The installed capacity of large-scale ground-based solar storage supporting projects will double this year.

Rooftop PV in China and power purchase agreements (PPAs) in Europe have both performed strongly this year.

In at least four PV markets, more than half of new residential PV systems built in 2022 will be equipped with energy storage.

At least five countries have put energy storage requirements in the PV bidding process, while setting up complex regulations to ensure that power plants will supply electricity when most necessary.

Photovoltaic production capacity will continue to be expanded, with a series of new factories producing more than 10GW of TOPcon cells per year. Despite ambitious new capacity targets set by India and the US, the share of the global cell and module market outside of China will not change significantly.

Agri-optical complementarity will begin to systematically develop into a new industry, and there will be differentiation between good and bad contractors and policies.

Here is a set of data.

25%--Expected growth in new PV capacity between 2021 and 2022.

278pcs--The number of large-scale ground-based solar energy storage projects in operation.

81-92GW--China's 2022 new PV installed capacity expected.

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