2.88MW/7.296MWh BESS was Successfully Installed in Japan

A project of 2.88MW/7.296MWH BESS for Kansai Electric Power was successfully installed in Toyooka, Japan on January 26th, in which PAND provided a project of 2.88MW/7.296MWH BESS.

As part of this project, six EnerCubes (480KW/1216KWH BESS) have been installed, each of which will be connected to 3.5MW of solar power in order to produce electricity. This ESS system supports both on-grid and off-grid modes, and thus it will be able to meet multiple needs of industrial applications. In an on-grid condition, the solar+storage system participates in the regulation of the power market and utilizes peak-load shifting and virtual power grid functions. While in its off-grid mode, the system will act as an intelligent micro-grid to supply power to the area independently, thereby preventing the industrial from encountering production shutdowns.

The integrated system thus provides an optimal energy solution for both local enterprises and residents of Toyooka, offering reliable power supply and cost savings to them in the long run.