CATL & BYD Win the Bid

Huaneng Carbon Asset Management Co., Ltd. released the announcement of the winning bidders for the 30MW Energy Storage Frequency Modulation Project of Yuhuan Power Plant on 1st Nov. CATL and BYD were the first and second winning bidders for Battery + BMS procurement respectively. NanRui Jibao was the first candidate for PCS procurement.

30MWh Energy Storage DC System, includes lithium battery cluster, battery control cabinet, battery management system BMS, local communication management unit, container body and temperature control, fire protection, power distribution, lighting and other equipment.

CATL is the first candidate with a bid price of 4.29 million yuan, a unit price about 1.43 yuan/Wh, while the second is BYD with the price of 4.76 million yuan, and the unit price about 1.587 yuan/Wh.