Recycled Use of Power Battery for New Energy Storage Could Be Future in Energy Market

The fire explosion in Fengtai, Beijing Power station run in 2019, as the user’s side of largest energy storage power station causing 2 firefighters death, has aroused the attention of Chinese government who took measures toward the industrial of power energy storage for social protection.

A good new come out that China government has allowed that the recycles use of power battery can be for new energy storage normally under circumstances of establishment of consistency management and online traceability monitoring system.

Our Pand focus on recycled use of power battery retired from vehicles or buses in order to manufacture products for energy storage which could be sold out overseas.

Here are some applications of our recycled power battery:

1. Household energy storage

Lithium battery energy storage can be applied to the home, combined with the home roof photovoltaic system to achieve power generation and energy storage system. For home users, the power lithium battery and home roof photovoltaic system combined, the daytime sun peak photovoltaic system power storage, to the evening peak electricity release to use, on the one hand can avoid the high electricity price period to the grid, on the other hand can also avoid their own excess photovoltaic power at a lower price to be sold to the grid or waste, this "power cell energy wall and photovoltaic energy storage arbitrage" model in the future domestic lithium battery storage prospects. It is particularly important for photovoltaic power generation policy areas.

2. Commercial energy storage

Powered batteries can also be used effectively in commercial and industrial use. In commercial office buildings, technology-based enterprises through cascading technology to break through the technical bottleneck of ladder utilization, to help electrochemical energy storage power station large-scale promotion, so that the battery modular, compatible with different manufacturers, different aging degrees, different types of lithium battery life, reduce the cost of late operation and maintenance, which may also become the future development direction of power enterprises.

3. Communication base station

Communication base station is a very suitable scene for the use of power battery ladder, with the increase of density of 5G network base station, the demand for ladder utilization power battery will gradually increase.