2nd Battery BESS sent to Nigeria

In Nigeria, electricity supply is quite unstable. Working and Living is inconvenient without electricity. Off-grid electricity would be great power supply for ranches in suburban, remote area and countryside where there is no electricity station.

Pand deliver 3 containerized BESS to Nigeria ranch for usility. Therefore, installing ESS with PV, ranch in suburban, remote area or countryside can operate once there is blackout or even extreme weather as electricity can be stored in ESS both from PV or grid in advance.

ESS, as another new form of backup power supply, could supply activities of living and working without limitless scene. Here are 3 containerized BESS, 4.5mwh in total with 1.5mwh/each, adapting off and on grid.

When there is surplus electricity generated from PV, it can be also fed into the grid. What's more, the users would get subsidy from local government. Meanwhile, users can remote control to monitor the operation or the date of the whole system on your PC or mobile phone.