HDC Series Products Successfully Landed in Tokyo

In November 2022, our standardized energy storage system, HDC series, applied in the industrial and commercial fields, was successfully put into operation in Tokyo. HDC series products cover 50kWh and 100kWh, and multiple sets can be connected in parallel for capacity expansion. Customers can flexibly adapt to local mainstream inverters according to market certification requirements and grid conditions.

The project consists of 60kWh energy storage cabinet, 30kw inverter, isolation transformer, power distribution cabinet, EMS system, etc. It supports multiple operation modes such as on/off grid operation, mainly including:

1. Peakcutcanrealize arbitrage of peak valley price difference;

2. EPS emergency power supply is used to supply emergency power for important loads such as office elevators, security, lighting, computers, and lobby sprinkler landscape systems, ensuring safe and reliable operation of office buildings;

Top diagram of HDC product application scenarios:

Technical Specialist Arrives at 草月会館,which is inTokyo:

PAND technical specialists guide Japanese customers to install and check circuits on site:

HDC 50kWh internal structure of the project:

Completion of on-site installation and commissioning: